Saturday, June 28, 2014

Concord Excitement Beyond ASP Boarders

Are you curious of what lies outside the walls of the ASP bubble? Are you trying to find easily accessible ways to occupy your time for free afternoons and Sundays?  

Just under three miles outside of St. Paul's school is home to approximately 40 various shops and activities offering things from hot dogs, to delicious frozen yogurt or even a unique dollar thrift store.

Going to Main Street could be a great way to get out of the busy hustle of classes, get to know your new ASP friends better, or just become more acquainted to the community surrounding St Paul's, and the capitol of New Hampshire. 

Just walk straight down Pleasant St. and take a left at the end. It's only 2 miles!

Various students from Concord have offered their suggestions and tips on how to navigate the streets and Concords and how to sift out the must-visit places while roaming around Main street. Some of the most commonly appearing favorites included: frozen yogurt places such as Dips or Orange Leaf, Dos Amigos, Red River Theaters and Outfitters Thrift store. Frozen yogurt could be an especially great place because it is a great treat for hot summer days. Dips Frozen yogurt also is made locally with Stoney Field yogurt making it a great way to support the local community. Red River is an awesome spot to catch many films that you might not be as well acquainted with, along with a way to retreat from the hot sun. All of these are places to remember when making your journey down Main St.    

"Margaritas is a cool spot. It is made out of an old jail cell." Julia Williamson from Concord explains, "Try the fish tacos they're the best!" She laughed with excitement. After suggesting to try the outdoor patio which is open in the summer, Julia then added; "Students should absolutely go, it's easy to get to and there is also a lot of frozen yogurt places."

"Take the chance to go, either by foot or by scooter." responded Andrew, a student from Concord. "Siam Orchid is a good Thai place, I wish I went there more often." He also added other various places he enjoyed such as the Subway and Orange leaf. 

Lucy, also a student from Concord, happily recommended places such as Puppy Love, a hot dog place; Red River theater; and Outfitters Thrift store, which contains a dollar room with many unique things which are all fittingly  priced a dollar. "Its a good change of scene, gets you off campus." Lucy concluded

Carolyn Lucey, Intern for Mass Media, offered many recommendations for a variety of places, some of which include: Red River Theater, Dos Amigos and In a Pinch. "Students should definitely go. Exploring somewhere new with friends is a good bonding experience." Carolyn also added.

These are just a few of the great places that Main St has to ofter. Others include: Dunkin Donuts, Live Juice, Bagel Works, True Brew, Granite State Candy , Gibson's Bookstore, Bead It, Runners Ally and many more. Main St has a little something for everyone, even if your not quite sure what your looking for. Check out this quick link with a full list of all the Stores available. It also includes where each store is located on Main Street.  

If you're less familiar with the Concord area and are worried about how to get to and from Main St have no fear.  Students and interns who have made the trip many times themselves have offered some helpful hints. You could walk, bike, get picked up by a friend, or even rent a Concord City taxi. These Taxi's cost only 10 dollars, which could be spilt between your friends.  

Remember to watch out for cars, because Main St can be pretty busy during the height of the day, and be sure enjoy the opportunity whenever you get the chance. Explore the wide variety of stores available! 

Also feel free to share any of your personal favorites to this blog after you explore to help add to the list of popular must see places!


  1. I really want to see Concord. I've been here once in the past and didn't see much. Glad i know where to start

  2. I like how you used a wide variety of verbs to describe how people answered your interview questions. It makes your article seem really professional. I also really appreciated that you included a map, because it gives the viewer a visual to complete the information you're delivering.

  3. This article was really helpful especially for people who haven't been around Concord very often before. It also flowed really well, along with using different verbs!

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  5. Hannah,
    I really enjoyed your article! As an outsider of the city, it's interesting to see what lies in our state capital. Thank you for adding the map, I think readers will enjoy how interactive it is and also understand where everything is. I've been to Concord before, but I can't wait to visit the local shops and restaurants. Great job! :)