Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Dear ASP Community,

 Thank you for a great run as your number one source of news. We worked hard to deliver a diversity of multimedia updates to keep you informed from community events to international issues.

Unfortunately, our time together has ended and, as a result, this blog will cease to exist. We’re as sad as you are.

We hope you enjoyed That ASP Show. We uploaded a couple of the skits to YouTube so you can have a laugh when you need one.

See you in 2015!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Storify: #ASPelect

Check out our social media recap of the Law and Government debate via Storify:


Law and Government Debate Recap

The Law and Government class at ASP hosted a “presidential debate” between the two candidates Hannah Crosby and Jake Malenka Monday evening in Memorial Hall.
The atmosphere was mellow, the two nominees nervous, the audience rapidly tweeting out questions to discuss with the hashtag #aspelect. 

Malenka and Crosby claim their spot on stage, and the debate begins...

The Law and Government intern, Sam Chapin, moderated the debate firing out questions regarding the candidates’ views on issues such as the economy, immigration reform, legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, and raising taxes. It took a while for the debate to gain momentum since both candidates reached a mutual consensus on the issues presented, until the environmental crisis was brought up.

Opinion: Hannah Crosby for President

At the debate tonight the candidates agreed on most subjects but eventually the claws came out. 

When the debate began you could tell that Hannah Crosby was nervous. The words um and ah came up often in her responses.  After Jake Malenka said his response to the question about legalizing marijuana Crosby just agreed with everything that he said. Instead of doing that she should have voiced her opinion more by expanding on the points that Malenka said. There was a lot of agreeing from both sides but this would have allowed the audience to hear her view on the subject.

However, the debate turned around when the environment was brought up. When Crosby was making her response she got fired up and her voice came alive. You could tell that this was a subject that she really felt strongly about. The audience could tell that she was more confident and comfortable now. After this it seemed as though she was leading the debate.  

Crosby's serious manner might seem off-putting at first, but you should look past it to the strong leader at the core. It's clear that she's thought through her positions in a thorough and intelligent manner (unlike her sometimes confused opponent). The end of the debate proves that when the going gets tough, Crosby can step up and take charge, arguing forcefully for political positions that matter to her.

Opinion: Jake Malenka for President

Jake Malenka, presidential candidate for this year’s ASP election had a strong showing during yesterday’s debate. With a focus on “practical issues and practical solutions”, Malenka addressed the concerns of many Americans.

While much of his stances relied on government spending reform in order to better fund education systems and fix immigration, Malenka garnered several rounds of loud applause, especially after his comments on foreign policies and the decriminalization of marijuana as a federal offense.

The two candidates may not have disagreed on much, but the one thing they did disagree about was renewable energy and how much of a concern it is for America. Malenka believes strongly in the cause for renewable energy, but also knows that there are “more important issues to fix first” such as the high school dropout rate and fixing the public school system.

As the debate closed, Malenka’s opinion on abortion and contraceptives seemed to resonate with the crowd.

Faculty Profile: Blake Sims, Entrepreneur

Blake Sims--a teacher from Illinois turned entrepreneur extraordinaire--entered the ASP bubble this year to teach Innovation and Action. Her previous education formed her opinion that entrepreneurship is a must for the 21st century workforce.

Blake went to University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated with an Elementary Education major.  Her first job was working with Chicago Public Schools. She left the classroom two years ago to get her master’s from Harvard, which exposed her to entrepreneurship.
Not being a New Hampshire native, Blake did not go to ASP.  She heard of the program from her former employer whose daughter recently graduated from St. Paul’s School.  Before she came here she was living in Boston developing a start up similar to Innovation in Action.

Blake’s teaching style brings forth skills that she believes all students have inherently. She said “by practicing these skills, it leads naturally to identifying solutions that could be marketed as businesses and entrepreneurship provides the framework to do just that.” Blake believes that this class is a good vehicle to teach 21st century skills that all students should have.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

ASP Engineers Set to Launch Submarines Later Next Week

The engineering class at St. Paul’s Advanced Studies Program began designing SeaPerch RC submarines which will be driven through an underwater course later next week.

Engineering Lab
Photo credit: Peter Federico

The Engineering Lab in the basement of the Lindsey Building looks like a 13 year old boy's bedroom. Papers, legos, empty water bottles, and an array of building materials cover the tables. Looking down at the box of PVC pipes, foam noodles, wires, screws and nails, it's nearly impossible to comprehend how the mess of materials could possibly transform into a working submarine. 

Upon arriving at ASP, the engineers weren't sure if they would be able to complete the daunting assignment. Will MacPhee, engineer at ASP, commented on this brief preview into the field of engineering. “I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to dive into a complicated field and discover what I might want to do with my life.”

With only three weeks of experience behind them, the engineers are tackling their biggest project yet: submarines.

ASP Style: Fashion Forward

“Navy” “Candy Pink” “Navy/Citrus”
Molly Gibson, Alexi Kim, and Madison Smith 
in their cute and colorful rain attire.

If you think Crocs belong back in elementary and middle school, then think again! 

The classic, rubber-like, waterproof shoes have made a comeback both on and off the ASP campus. These airy, odor-blocking shoes can be worn for comfort or any water-involved activity such as boating or swimming, perfect for ASP leisure activities.

“Crocs rock. They’re comfortable, I can wear them all day from school to soccer practice (flip flops don't work with soccer socks). They're waterproof, a cool color, make me taller. Have like an inch on that heel. Also they start conversation since practically no one has them.” says Alexi Kim from Sustenance and Sustainability.

Opinion: Amazon Delivery in 30 Minutes or Fewer

Imagine the sound of tiny choppers filling the sky as the fleet of Amazon drones descend on the ASP campus as the orders of students are about to be fulfilled. Room 12 is over run by students racing for their packages. The ease of getting your package 30 minutes after you order it. 

In this great era of technological advancement, Amazon is striving to innovate an outdated delivery system. The project would create jobs and help the economy. The Federal Aviation Agency, however, has not allowed Amazon to use airspace to continue to test the project.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Coming to a campus near you...

The Mass Media class at the ASP has a surprise for everyone...
Get ready to "turn up" with us on Friday, July 25th!


10 Must-See ASP Locations

1. Trail Bridge
One of the many amazing scenes to spot and experience the campus trails. Provides a rainforest feel.

ASP's Got Talent

Watch this video of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul as they express their opinion of the acts from last weekend's ASP Talent Show.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

MicroCHIPS: A Controversial Contraceptive

MicroCHIPS version of their new remote control contraceptive.  
Shown above is how the contraceptive is to be used upon its
release in 2018. Photo Credit
MicroCHIPS, a company stemming from Lexington, Massachusetts, has just recently introduced a potentially dangerous remote-control contraceptive alternative that they hope will hit the shelves beginning in 2018.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has agreed to help sponsor this endeavor as they hope to encourage more effective forms of birth control in place of common forms currently used, such as condoms and birth control pills.  The chip that MicroCHIPS has been working towards creating, can be inserted into either a woman’s abdomen, buttocks, or upper arm. It will be activated by a wireless connection through a remote control.

Inside of this chip there is a hermetic titanium and platinum seal that contains the hormone levonorgestrel, a hormone often found in birth control methods.  This hormone prevents fertilization, prevents a heavy menstrual cycle and can also alter the lining of the uterus to disallow for a fetus to continue growing in the womb.

To activate the release of the hormone in the body, a small battery is located on
the inside of the seal where an electrical current passes through the chip. This action slightly melts the seal enough for the proper amount of levonorgestrel to seep into the bloodstream.  This contraceptive is the first form of hormone based birth control to last for more than five years at a time.  In fact, one chip is said to contain enough levonorgestrel to last 16 years! 

You’re probably asking, Where does the remote control come into play?  Well, say that a person has decided to invest in this form of contraceptive.  To activate the chip to release the hormone every day, they would have the ability to turn the chip on via the remote control.  Similarly, if they wanted to try and have a baby, they could just as easily deactivate the contraceptive through the remote control.  In order for the chip to receive the wireless signal from the remote control, it must be placed skin distance from the chip.  As a security precaution, MicroCHIPS has made it so that  the remote is only effective if it is making direct contact with the skin located directly above the contraceptive chip.

This project, however, has its difficulties as well.

ASP Alumni Day Storify

On Saturday, July 12, the ASP 2014 community welcomed all Alumni to come and visit the St. Paul's School campus and enjoy a day filled with fun included a soccer game, an ultimate frisbee game, and a talent show. The Alumni who visited saw friends, interns, and teachers from the year they attended the ASP. Check out our social media, storify recap below!

Mama's Advice Column

There are a lot of things troubling young chilun’ now a days...that’s when Mama’s advice comes in. All stories and persons are under pen names to conceal their identities.

If you wanna ask me anything, leave an anonymous comment below or DM @mediamachine14 on Twitter.
Dear Mama,
My class ALWAYS gets out late! I guess it might be my fault, but I don’t eat breakfast and it leaves me hungry and tired. I want to beat the lunch line...how do I do that?
Hungry Hungry Hippo

Dear Hungry Hungry Hippo,
You know what Mama always says, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. If you are tired in class though, I suggest chewing gum in class; most people tell me that they feel less hungry when they do.
As for the fastest route to lunch, go down the path to the Chapel, from the Lindsey Building. If you keep going, you’ll find another path that goes beside the library. If you go over the bridge and follow the path, it will lead you to the main entrance of the dining hall.  

Community Discussion Highlights ASP's Global Awareness

Photo Credit
The Mass Media class held a discussion during lunch on Tuesday to confer about community members’ interpretations and curiosities in the Palestine-Israel global crisis. Tacos were eaten and intellectual conversations were exchanged.

Community members talked about many aspects of this conflict, they most frequently discussed how the unrest could cease, and which side is responsible for taking actions. Greg Cowan, an ASP student who participated in the discussion, stated that “it’s less of a question of who started the conflict and more of who is going to end it.” There was a strong consensus, from many participants, that Israel needs to take the first steps towards peace.

Although many people could agree that the burden lies on Israel, not everyone shared the same opinion as to why. Bowman Dickson, the Simpson house supervisor, who lived in Jordan for four years, argued that the conflict between Israel and Hamas persists as a reaction to Israel’s consistent expansion of land. When asked about potential solutions, Bowman commented “First thing is to stop building settlements. They’re indications that they’re (Israel) not taking the peace-plan seriously.”

ASP weighs in on 66th Emmy Awards Predictions

For TV fanatics across America, the Emmys are a huge deal! Though the 2008 Emmys hit an all-time low with their viewers, TV has definitely bounced back. In 2012, 13.2 million viewers watched the evening of awards, which glorify excellence in the television industry. 

Seth Meyers, one of ASP’s own alumni, will be hosting the 2014 Emmys.  With television at a noticeable peak in its quality, the Emmys races are tense. There are so many good shows with only so many slots.

Here on St. Paul’s campus, ASP students shared some of their own favorites to win the most anticipated awards this year. And, remarkably, the ASP predictions were similar to those of the American public. The survey conducted included “Drama Series,” “Mini Series,” “Comedy Series,” “Lead Actor in a Drama,” “Lead Actress in a Drama,” “Supporting Actor in a Drama,” and “Supporting Actress in a Drama.” 

The results were only close in two categories.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ASP Fun Run by Kenison

It's here, the Fun Run is Friday and we at Media Machine '14 are totally stoked to the max about it. Enjoy our promotional video!


Faculty Profile: Sara Erdmann, Writing Workshop

Writing can be a tricky thing to do, but ASP employs six writing teachers to help their students improve their creative writing. One of the Writing Workshop teachers, Sara Erdmann, a New Hampshire native knew she wanted to be a writer since childhood.  Sara has worked at ASP for five summers now and has no plans to stop.

As a little girl, Sara read, Mole and Mouse Clean House, all by herself and she fell in love with writing. “I thought reading this on my own was the coolest thing I ever did.” This love for writing stayed with her all the way to college where she majored in Creative Writing with a minor in French.  Interestingly, to continue exposing herself to French, Sara keeps her phone and computer in French. Sara went to Hamilton College and spent a semester in Senegal, West Africa, where she lived in villages and had a great time. Her first job after college was being a Preschool teacher.        

Sara heard about the ASP program through a friend from her masters program at UNH who interviewed Sara for her dissertation. One of her favorite parts about teaching here is working with an intern. She said that “not only do you get to teach students, but you get to have this mentor relationship with someone who usually wants to be a teacher… and this is the only place where you get to have a co-teacher and that's part of what makes it so special for me”.

What We're Reading: Current Events You Should Care About

Over the last few days Mass Media uploaded several current event podcasts to mediamachine14 (see below). In light of these podcasts, the Mass Media class would also like to share what we’ve been going over in class and the stories we find important, and why those articles should be important to you too.

Photo by Reuters

#1 Israel-Palestine: Listen to the mediamachine14 podcast about the conflict here, recorded and edited by Mason McNulty, Sami Nardone, and Molly Gibson. As the situation has developed, some of the information you hear may have changed between its upload date. As of 12:06 on July 15th, 191 Palestinians have been killed and over 1,400 have sustained injuries. It's important to note that most of the casualties are on the Palestinian side because of Israel's "Iron Dome" technology, which essentially blows up Hamas' rockets in the air before they can do any damage. The tension in the Middle East between the two nations has gone from bad to worse in recent weeks, and following the topic is important, because situation is ongoing and new information is released everyday. To keep up with new information as it is released, check out CNN’s homepage and keep an eye on the "Breaking News" section in the top left for updates.
How far are you willing to go in order to gain a profit? This question posed no problem for Apple Android stores who insensitively created an app based upon the Malaysia flight MH370, just shortly after it went missing. They then persisted to ignore this issue, quietly releasing their app as if they wanted consumers to believe that the striking similarities were mere coincidences.  
This app was released on April 2nd of this year, just twenty-five days after the Malaysian plane first went missing on March 8th. This flight contained 227 passengers along with 12 crew members, all of whom went missing with the plane that has now, as of July 11th at 7:11pm been missing for exactly 126 days.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.17.32 PM.png
App displayed in the Apple Android Store awaiting downloads

How real are your pair of Beats By Dre Headphones?

Even if your friends are not headphone experts who can determine whether yours is the real deal or not, you might want to know that not all of the Beats headphones you see are genuine. The recently purchased Beats by Dr. Dre brand has filed a lawsuit claiming Chinese manufacturers for producing counterfeits of the brands headphones.

The lawsuit was filed in Illinois and stated the defendants as “individuals and business entities who, upon information and belief, reside in the People’s Republic of China or other foreign jurisdictions." Allegedly, the defendants produce and sell low quality Beats by Dre branded products while making up to $135 billion in sales annually.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hannah Crosby and Jake Malenka, two Law and Government students, are tenaciously competing in a traditional ASP mock Presidential Election. After being asked a series of questions, it’s extremely clear that both candidates are invested in this opportunity.

When asked what difference they’ll make once in office, both responded eloquently. Crosby spoke about debt, environmental protection, education, and same-sex marriage legalization. She emphasized that “we should invest in clean technology to help our environment and our economy” and that “education is the brightest part of America's future.” Crosby’s strategy for winning is confidence, consistency, and community outreach. She notes that “I, along with a few other members of my campaign, will be going around to dorms after study hours to inform ASP students about our platform and field questions that anyone has about our campaign. That will be happening up until the election.”

Malenka is running on a similar platform. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Intern Cookies Promo

Get excited, ASP! Next Friday, our legal team at MediaMachine14 will have gathered all the necessary evidence to expose the intern cookie smuggling ring. Justice is coming soon!


Mass Media class takes a closer look at what really goes on here at ASP, more commonly know as "Nerd Camp," while we prepare for the triangle of fun during our 2014 music video.

ASP Mass Media '14 Flash Mob!

Watch the Mass Media class perform a flash mob to Bruno Mars’ song Treasure on Alumni Day!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The ASP Insight: Hobby Lobby

Mass Media students Meaghan Doherty, Shreya Khadka, and Emmett Morrill discuss the Supreme Court case decision of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.

Ukraine Crisis Podcast

If you're wondering what's going on in Ukraine; Mau, Peter and Franklin recorded a comprehensive podcast to keep you up-to-date with the developing story. Check it out:

Israel Palestine Conflict

Sami Nardone, Mason McNulty, and Molly Gibson discuss the conflict between Israel and Palestine, as well as its magnitude, and its direction.

#bringbackourgirls podcast

This week at Media Machine 14, we're trying to keep the ASP community updated with developing news stories that are worth following. Below is a link to our podcast on the developing situation in Nigeria where a terrorist organization, Boko Haram, kidnapped hundreds of girls from their school back in April. Listen to our coverage here:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sports Offerings at ASP

Students at ASP describe their sports experiences from their summer on the SPS campus. Check it out if you want to learn about student athletic involvement.

Thank you to all who participated!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer's First Coffee House, a Booming Success

Students, interns, and faculty alike assembled on the upper level of the Athletic Fitness Center Thursday, July 3rd at 6 p.m for the summer’s first Coffeehouse. Fourteen students and four interns performed multiple pieces such as poems, music, short stories, essays, and fiction. The room was packed to its fullest; everyone tuned in to listen to members of their community perform. As Kay, a Writing Workshop intern put it, “We’re all one big family, don’t be afraid to get close.”

Though the intriguing short stories and thoughtful poems were entertaining for guests,  musical pieces played by Heather Hunt, Matt and Aaron , and  Kyle and Parker had guests wanting to sing along. The Simpson Haiku team brought the laughs with multiple poems and use of props. Two students were even inspired enough to share their pieces at the end of the night. The Coffeehouse brought the ASP community closer through  celebrating their passion for art and writing together.

If you missed the performances and are interested in watching the evening, attached is the video for friends or family members at home. Enjoy!

Friday, July 4, 2014

How to Look Cool With Your Parents

Are your parents coming this weekend? Are you super excited? That's what we thought. We created a guide for Parents Weekend. Watch this video to learn the tips for greeting and walking with your parents. Good Luck!

Are They Nuts or Just Desperate?

Everyone pulls pranks and jokes once in a while, but some people can’t help taking it too far. It is one thing when there is no pressing need to give an absurd presentation all in the name of pulling a prank but it is a totally different thing to have something at stake and so resulting to some unhealthy lark. These two people pulled one over the moon and there is no coming down for them!

Tim Murray: Election of A Robot Congressman

Photo Credit
For this Oklahoma congressional candidate, Tim Murray, telling the difference between a human and robot does not come as an easy task; but for the rest of us, his accusations seem like just another round of sally that shows how desperate he is to get elected. Well according to Murray, Frank Lucas, his incumbent opponent who has served nine terms before, was executed in Ukraine around Jan. 11, 2011, in an event that was televised; so backing up his argument shouldn’t be so hard (if he wasn’t the only one who saw the televised execution on Ukrainian television). Murray announced that he was the real winner because Frank Lucas who had won by an 82.8% majority wasn’t a human being but robot or a look alike being used to represent him.

Surprisingly enough Tim Murray was capable of accumulating 5% of the votes cast (apparently he has a large family and campaign team who are loyal enough to vote him). Meanwhile, several letters have been released on Murray’s opponent’s, website stating that he has never been to Ukraine before and would never use a look-alike to represent him. So the question remains whether Murray’s claims of a robotic congressman are valid or he is a non compos mentis or going nuts out of desperation.

Mark DeFriest: 20 Seasons of Prison Break

In other (not) news, Mark DeFriest, who was arrested in 1979 for trying to take his dead father’s tools claiming they belonged to him (where was the will?), tried to escape from prison the most redonkulous way possible by slipping LSD in the coffee of the staff and guards. Interestingly enough, the only thing keeping him in prison is his repetitive attempts to escape from prison (precisely 13 times).

Diversity Alliance Meeting #2: Socioeconomics

Eliza Huntington co-supervisor for the diversity alliance group

At Wednesday, July 2nd’s Diversity Alliance meeting in the back room of the dining hall, the discussion focused on socioeconomic status and how people see it in their own lives. The coordinators asked so many great questions, the group never encountered a dull moment in the meeting.

Interns, Eliza Huntington and Pierce Ellinwood head the group. Ellinwood is the intern for The Quest and Eliza is an intern for the Writing Workshop. Ellinwood said of the group, “it is a no pressure environment, it’s really thinking about the diversity around us everyday and considering how it affects us, and how we project it.”

“It is a breakdown of different subjects in our community so that we can understand how diversity is active in our society today.” 

DJ of ASP Dance Under Fire for Music That Students Could Really “Turn Down For.”

Interns dancing at the triangle of fun. 
Photo Credit: Carolyn Lucey
Last Saturday, June 28th, the St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program held the summer’s first Triangle of Fun, consisting of a movie screening, a game room, and a dance. Excited to get their groove on after six days of class, students had very high expectations for the dance.

By the end of the night, several of the students were left disappointed with the dance playlist. Five days after the dance, a pool of students shared their opinions. Overall the songs were not recent enough; students hoped to hear chart-topping songs.

Ned Heckman, DJ at the triangle of fun dance, created the playlist in advance and 60% of the songs on the playlist came from playlists of previous Triangle of Fun dances. The students were right to say the songs were on the older side.

Humans of ASP

Welcome to the first episode of Humans of ASP! Today's question is: If you weren't here at ASP this summer, what would you be doing? 

Watch the video below to see everyone's responses and stay tuned for more episodes in the future!


Fourth of July weekend, one of the most anticipated times of the ASP summer session,  is a time for students to catch up with friends, family... and current music. Don’t worry, we wanna make sure that when you go back home, you can still roll up with your crew and jam to these tunes.

Iggy Azalea is topping the charts, as she has been for the past 14 weeks with her song featuring the collaboration with Charlie XCX, “Fancy” and her collaboration with Ariana Grande, “Problem”.
As she is spitting rhymes, she is breaking records; she became one of the first female artists to have two songs in the Top 100 concurrently and beating Lil’ Kim for the female Hip Hop artist to have the longest #1 hit on the Top Billboard 100.

Here is our list of other popular summer songs:

  • Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray
  • We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus
  • Roar by Katy Perry
  • 23 by Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Mike-Will-Made It, and Juicy J
  • Turn Down for What by DJ Snake feat. Lil Jon
  • Rap God by Eminem
  • My Hitta [remix] by YG feat. Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, & Rich Homie Quan
  • Loyal by Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne & French Montana
  • Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dining Hall Staff: Underappreciated and Overworked

Every morning at four A.M, while the rest of the SPS campus is fast asleep, the lights in the kitchen turn on; bacon is fried, pancakes are flipped, and potatoes are diced. A mere three hours later, an entire community passes through the kitchen: emptying bins of breakfast, draining gallons of coffee, and dirtying hundreds of dishes. A swarm of ASP faculty, students, and interns tear through the kitchen, often without stopping to thank the staff. It seems as if there’s no consideration or thought given how long the of their breakfast took to make, or even who prepared it.

Given their tireless efforts and continual dedication to serving us, the dining hall staff should be able to consistently rely on emotional compensation, but frequently, ASP community members fall flat on basic courtesy, specifically in saying “thank you.”

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul: A Structure with Character

A new home and community also comes with appreciation for new things and if you haven’t been impressed by the food, the scenery or the people, you should at least be impressed by the architecture and most especially the chapel. It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or share similar religious beliefs as the school, the artistic inspirations that emanates from the chapel should galvanize your art senses and appreciation for arts and architecture as it serves as a fortress or inspiration. Before I expatiate the fundamentals behind the marvelous structure, a good point for you to contemplate is whether the artistic nature of the chapel (which I refer to as its character) serves more than its religious purpose to you? In other words, is the chapel more than a chapel?

Non-Traditional Courses Unveiled

Students and faculty attending the Advanced Studies Program at St. Paul’s School have united within these past few days, but many students remain in the dark regarding the non-traditional programs offered here at the ASP. We at Media Machine would like to change that.  

Sustenance and Sustainability, a course run by master teacher Courtney Jackson, delves into the realm of agriculture, environmental issues, conservation, energy, food and even happiness.  Global issues connected to food systems as well as our impact on the environment are additional major areas of conversation.

Student Maddie Smith indicates that, “everything connects.”  No class discussion is dominated by one subject in particular, but reflects a culmination of all of these ideas.  “Every year it [the content of the class] changes according to the news,”  Jackson mentions.