Monday, June 23, 2014

Current Events---Update #1

At Media Machine '14, we're all about keeping up with current events. And, we're taking it upon ourselves to make it hip to be in-the-know regarding current events. We'd like to educate this community about the news (and media) and thus leave it wiser than when it assembled. With that said, below are a list of the stories we are following right now. We'll add current event posts each week to keep you in-the-know. You're welcome, ASP!

#1 Iraq--After America's direct involvement in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 and the ousting of former president Saddam Hussein, Iraq finds itself embroiled in crisis again at the hands of a group called ISIS which has launched an offensive campaign to take over northern Iraq leaving US government officials to wonder if Baghdad may be next. ISIS, which stands for Islamic Stat in Iraq and Syria, is a group of Sunnis that demands theocracy in the Middle East. U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry recently promised assistance to Iraq with a few conditions. Further reading is available here (Washington Post) and here (BBC)

#2 Carbon tax passes Supreme Court--On Monday, in a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Environmental Protection Agency's bid to regulate power plants to control carbon emissions. The Clean Air Act gives the EPA regulatory power over stationary producers of greenhouse gasses. This victory represents a feather in the cap of Obama's second-term executive initiatives where he hopes to help the country with or without congress. Further reading is available here (NY Times) and here (Washington Post)

#3 World Cup Fever--How could we talk current event without mentioning the World Cup? Today, the first two teams advanced (Brazil and Mexico) to the knock-out round from Group A; this week we will learn which teams will join them from Groups B-H. The United States will learn its fate this Thursday when they play Germany. If the US wins or ties, they move on; if they lose, they have to hope they earn a bid through a tiebreaker technicality with the winner of the Ghana-Portugal game.

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