Saturday, June 28, 2014

MISHOP Madness

St. Paul’s School held their annual, open “MISHOP” on Wednesday, June 25 during the fifth day of the Advanced Studies Program. MISHOP is the term used for all the miscellaneous items left on St. Paul’s campus from past years. Organized in the format of a sample sale, the lightly used items are categorized by type of clothing and stacked neatly on long tables. In a matter of nearly 30 minutes, students scavenge and sift through the clothes.

image (5).jpeg
Students browsing through the MISHOP collection.
From children’s clothing to blazers and slacks, MISHOP has it all. Here’s the catch–each item is only ONE DOLLAR. That’s right, designer brand polos with a retail value of $85 only $1, nearly a 98% discount. It gets better: all MISHOP proceeds go to charity, which is voted on by the buyers.

So, how long is the wait, and how can you gain exclusive access?
Sarah Koppelkam, the Studio Arts intern, “Found some ridiculous pants and a green and black zebra print dress with rhinestones.” As an intern, Sarah used her first pick advantage to search for the perfect Playfair ensemble and outfits for dances.

Students who led the line arrived around 1:20 pm. Rachel Choi of Center House, one of the first people in line suggests to “run in there as quick as possible, and know exactly what you want.” Others like Michael Bloomer from Molecular Biology arrived close to 2 pm, but still found some unique clothing for the square dance. Bloomer also discovered a stuffed teddy bear lurking around, “it was a cross between something like The Hills Have Eyes and had one eye. I don't believe in ghosts but was that haunted? Yes.”

 Rachel Choi and friends browse through the MISHOP racks.Photo Credit/Copyright of Suzanne Ellinwood.
Alaina Pribis of Brewster House also arrived late, and left with 13 items, some of which were innovatively reinvented. “I bought a t-shirt that said ‘Sam’s 8th birthday’ and I made it into a cowboy shirt with cow print for the square dance.”

Students with exact change were shuffled into a separate line, the majority of whom stated that they missed out on the opportunity to vote for a charity to donate proceeds to. “No, I didn’t know it existed and I’m very mad at that!” said Alaina Pribis.

“I thought it was an overall great experience and there was a lot of good quality products for everyone. You can’t go wrong. I thought it was affordable so everyone was able to come or participate and I like how it went to charity.” said Braelyn Croteau from World Religions.

Be sure to check out the next MISHOP and sport your stylish finds on campus! Who knows what treasures you’ll discover?


  1. Shreya,
    I really enjoyed your article. I thought it was especially cool how you added what percent discount the items would be. This added a very interesting perspective of just how unique Mishop is. I also really enjoyed your quotes. They gave the article a funny feel, especially the one about the Hills Have Eyes. I also like how you included that you could vote on a charity, because I believe many students were unaware of this.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your article! It was interesting to see the different strategies used by different people to find the perfect outfit at MISHOP. I also didn't know that the money went to a charity and that we got to vote on which charity. This was a very entertaining and informative article Shreya!

  3. I like your use of quotes, they really added to the article. Including the information about the charities and the strategies was a really good idea!

  4. I really enjoyed your article and it brought light to the mystery of what MISHOP really is. I'm glad I know the money goes to charity because I thought it just went back to the school's account!

  5. Great job on this, you put in so many quotes about strategies for the next one. Love the lede that you put, really good with the charity part.