Friday, July 18, 2014

10 Must-See ASP Locations

1. Trail Bridge
One of the many amazing scenes to spot and experience the campus trails. Provides a rainforest feel.

2. Top floor of Ohrstrom Library

Amazing bird’s eye view of the entire library. Large windows open up to the Lower School Pond.

3. Bench by the library, overlooking Lower School Pond

Relax by the pond, read a book, and enjoy your view

4. Chapel (lawn, sunset, or building)
One of the oldest and most architecturally stunning buildings on the ASP campus, the chapel looks beautiful all day. Use this website: to find an accurate time on sunsets for any location.

5. Stone bench in the quad

Behind Ford and Brewster House is a set of beautiful and comfortable stone benches. Get outside for some cool and cozy studying or reading in these awesome benches!

6. Bridge by North

One of the most well-trodden bridges on campus. Provides great scenery, such as Library pond and the Lower School Pond. Also a great spot for seeing turtles and reflections in the water.

7. Bridge behind Hargate

Another beautiful bridge also made it onto our top ten list. Behind the Hargate Arts Building is a small all-stone bridge and an engraved stone in the ground beside it. A beautiful spot for a senior picture!

8. Sheldon Building

The admissions building (former Library) is one of the most; if not the most iconic building on campus. Suited conveniently by the Library pond.

9. The Docks

About a mile walk and ten to 15 minute bike ride. Cool off on a hot day, or tan on the docks with your friends. Beautiful serene view of the water.

10. Lindsay Courtyards (or sphere room by the docks)

While the building we spend every morning in may not get much attention outside of class, it definitely looks beautiful during the sunset, especially from the schoolhouse.

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