Friday, July 4, 2014

Are They Nuts or Just Desperate?

Everyone pulls pranks and jokes once in a while, but some people can’t help taking it too far. It is one thing when there is no pressing need to give an absurd presentation all in the name of pulling a prank but it is a totally different thing to have something at stake and so resulting to some unhealthy lark. These two people pulled one over the moon and there is no coming down for them!

Tim Murray: Election of A Robot Congressman

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For this Oklahoma congressional candidate, Tim Murray, telling the difference between a human and robot does not come as an easy task; but for the rest of us, his accusations seem like just another round of sally that shows how desperate he is to get elected. Well according to Murray, Frank Lucas, his incumbent opponent who has served nine terms before, was executed in Ukraine around Jan. 11, 2011, in an event that was televised; so backing up his argument shouldn’t be so hard (if he wasn’t the only one who saw the televised execution on Ukrainian television). Murray announced that he was the real winner because Frank Lucas who had won by an 82.8% majority wasn’t a human being but robot or a look alike being used to represent him.

Surprisingly enough Tim Murray was capable of accumulating 5% of the votes cast (apparently he has a large family and campaign team who are loyal enough to vote him). Meanwhile, several letters have been released on Murray’s opponent’s, website stating that he has never been to Ukraine before and would never use a look-alike to represent him. So the question remains whether Murray’s claims of a robotic congressman are valid or he is a non compos mentis or going nuts out of desperation.

Mark DeFriest: 20 Seasons of Prison Break

In other (not) news, Mark DeFriest, who was arrested in 1979 for trying to take his dead father’s tools claiming they belonged to him (where was the will?), tried to escape from prison the most redonkulous way possible by slipping LSD in the coffee of the staff and guards. Interestingly enough, the only thing keeping him in prison is his repetitive attempts to escape from prison (precisely 13 times).

His initial sentence was four years after his attempt of taking his father’s tools. Now 53 and having a documentary made about him, DeFriest is spending life in prison for his numerous attempts to escape. Some of the ways through which he has tried to escape in the past include forging several prison keys by glancing at them, bringing down three cells with just his toothbrush and making homemade guns with copper wire from the restroom just to be captures again after fleeing.

DeFriest has also been confident and arrogant enough to receive beatings from the guards on countless occasions. He has also spent 27 of the 34 years in prison in isolation. But that notwithstanding, he has become the epitome of scheming and shrewdness that the guards fear. DeFriest has also been blessed with a wife, who reaches out to get petition signed for his release and prove his innocence, while in prison.

So the question is, if you were running for class president along with a fellow classmate, would you tell everyone that he is an android; or if you were arrested for taking your dad’s computer you believe you inherited, would you put LSD in guards’ coffee to escape? I know if I am that desperate, these actions are definitely an option to consider.

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