Thursday, July 17, 2014

ASP weighs in on 66th Emmy Awards Predictions

For TV fanatics across America, the Emmys are a huge deal! Though the 2008 Emmys hit an all-time low with their viewers, TV has definitely bounced back. In 2012, 13.2 million viewers watched the evening of awards, which glorify excellence in the television industry. 

Seth Meyers, one of ASP’s own alumni, will be hosting the 2014 Emmys.  With television at a noticeable peak in its quality, the Emmys races are tense. There are so many good shows with only so many slots.

Here on St. Paul’s campus, ASP students shared some of their own favorites to win the most anticipated awards this year. And, remarkably, the ASP predictions were similar to those of the American public. The survey conducted included “Drama Series,” “Mini Series,” “Comedy Series,” “Lead Actor in a Drama,” “Lead Actress in a Drama,” “Supporting Actor in a Drama,” and “Supporting Actress in a Drama.” 

The results were only close in two categories.
“Best Comedy Series,” with “The Big Bang Theory” and “Modern Family,” and “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama,” with Anna Gunn from “Breaking Bad,” Lena Headey from “Game of Thrones,” and Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men.” 

With the exception of those categories, the results were all landslides. “Breaking Bad”, “American Horror Story: Coven”, Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”), Kerry Washington (“Scandal”), and Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) have good chances to win this awards season if you ask ASP.
America agrees with ASP for the most part. However, TV critics would say otherwise regarding these categories. Rather than “American Horror Story: Coven”, “Fargo” is strongly believed to be the most competitive Mini Series to win the Emmy this year. Best Drama Series predictions also disagree with ASP. Critics favor “True Detective”, and “Big Bang Theory.” Perhaps the reason ASP’s opinions clash with critics is because of our demographic. 

Critics often look for diversity of content, film techniques, and writing, while teenagers tend to favor celebrities associated with the show, relatability, and suspense. While all factors are important in the success of a television production, the Emmys are dictated by hard-hitting critics who make the final call.

Tune in on August 25th to watch the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards and see if ASP made the right calls.


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