Friday, July 4, 2014

DJ of ASP Dance Under Fire for Music That Students Could Really “Turn Down For.”

Interns dancing at the triangle of fun. 
Photo Credit: Carolyn Lucey
Last Saturday, June 28th, the St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program held the summer’s first Triangle of Fun, consisting of a movie screening, a game room, and a dance. Excited to get their groove on after six days of class, students had very high expectations for the dance.

By the end of the night, several of the students were left disappointed with the dance playlist. Five days after the dance, a pool of students shared their opinions. Overall the songs were not recent enough; students hoped to hear chart-topping songs.

Ned Heckman, DJ at the triangle of fun dance, created the playlist in advance and 60% of the songs on the playlist came from playlists of previous Triangle of Fun dances. The students were right to say the songs were on the older side.

In response to this complaint, Ned defended the playlist, “I’m not just playing the ‘Top 40 Pandora Station.’ I’m trying to broaden the students' musical horizons, and as bright and cool kids, they should have a good understanding of how ‘old’ music influences current hits.”

Ned explained how he decided the appropriateness of the songs for the dance. Besides trying to have a wide range of genres and time periods for the songs, he filtered the songs based on obscenity. Songs that frequently or blatantly reference drug use, alcohol, or sex do not get played at ASP dances.

The majority of the students complained that most of the songs were “undanceable” and didn’t create the club-like atmosphere they were expecting. Ned understands this complaint and believes that the ASP dance should resonate a “fun celebration with good vibes rather than a house party.”

While many of the students wanted to jam out to Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” they have to keep in mind that Mr. Richard, the Head of the ASP, watches the dance and it would be pretty embarrassing to wall "twerk" to "Gas Pedal" and then see Mr. Ricard at breakfast the next morning.

Students have the right to their opinions about the dance and Ned is all for suggestions, however he asks if you have a song request, that you do so at least a day before the dance. To request a song, either email him:, tweet him @Rm12FTW or DM your favorite ASP class @mediamachine14.

Update: Ned hosted a meeting with concerned students on Thursday, July 10th and heard suggestions for the next dance. Thanks for all the feedback, and thank you to Ned for your willingness to listen to the ASP students.

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