Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer's First Coffee House, a Booming Success

Students, interns, and faculty alike assembled on the upper level of the Athletic Fitness Center Thursday, July 3rd at 6 p.m for the summer’s first Coffeehouse. Fourteen students and four interns performed multiple pieces such as poems, music, short stories, essays, and fiction. The room was packed to its fullest; everyone tuned in to listen to members of their community perform. As Kay, a Writing Workshop intern put it, “We’re all one big family, don’t be afraid to get close.”

Though the intriguing short stories and thoughtful poems were entertaining for guests,  musical pieces played by Heather Hunt, Matt and Aaron , and  Kyle and Parker had guests wanting to sing along. The Simpson Haiku team brought the laughs with multiple poems and use of props. Two students were even inspired enough to share their pieces at the end of the night. The Coffeehouse brought the ASP community closer through  celebrating their passion for art and writing together.

If you missed the performances and are interested in watching the evening, attached is the video for friends or family members at home. Enjoy!

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