Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Hannah Crosby and Jake Malenka, two Law and Government students, are tenaciously competing in a traditional ASP mock Presidential Election. After being asked a series of questions, it’s extremely clear that both candidates are invested in this opportunity.

When asked what difference they’ll make once in office, both responded eloquently. Crosby spoke about debt, environmental protection, education, and same-sex marriage legalization. She emphasized that “we should invest in clean technology to help our environment and our economy” and that “education is the brightest part of America's future.” Crosby’s strategy for winning is confidence, consistency, and community outreach. She notes that “I, along with a few other members of my campaign, will be going around to dorms after study hours to inform ASP students about our platform and field questions that anyone has about our campaign. That will be happening up until the election.”

Malenka is running on a similar platform. 
He stresses the importance of his goals in his following statement. He says, “If I win, I hope that voters will see positive impact on America. To delve into two major specifics, hard-working small business owners should see a decrease in currently oppressive taxes, aspiring college students should see an increase in debt-free governmental financial aid.” Malenka claims that he will win through “offering practical, common sense policies that benefit the students of ASP.”

Both noted that the poll is open to ASP students and interns, but that faculty will not be allowed to vote in this election. The voting system resembles that of the electoral college, where each dorm receives a certain amount of votes based on their population. Con 20 has the most because it has the most students. Students and Interns will be able to vote during fruit break on July 25th. The Presidential election is one of the best examples of democracy in the United States, and to replicate that experience, as many community members should vote as possible.

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  1. Sami, you werk gurl!!! I love how detailed the you made the description to give the reader a little bit of insight on the candidates. It can really help the community get excited and to start thinking about who they're voting for. Great job on the article AND the video (very clean cut and organized)!