Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How real are your pair of Beats By Dre Headphones?

Even if your friends are not headphone experts who can determine whether yours is the real deal or not, you might want to know that not all of the Beats headphones you see are genuine. The recently purchased Beats by Dr. Dre brand has filed a lawsuit claiming Chinese manufacturers for producing counterfeits of the brands headphones.

The lawsuit was filed in Illinois and stated the defendants as “individuals and business entities who, upon information and belief, reside in the People’s Republic of China or other foreign jurisdictions." Allegedly, the defendants produce and sell low quality Beats by Dre branded products while making up to $135 billion in sales annually.

The lawsuit states that the defendants have gone to extreme lengths to creates 100s of websites with the sole purpose of selling Beats by Dre products and has website design, copyrights images, descriptions and trademark just like that of original Beats websites making it impossible for the average customer to determine that the website and products are all counterfeits. It is also said that the manufacturers operate heavily in the state of Illinois.

Original products that are sold for $300 by Beats by Dre can be purchased for just $5 on these websites. A sample website here ( shows a template that is taken from the Amazon website. Beats is also to receive $2 million dollars for each and every trademark of the brand used. Meanwhile, these fraudulent producers use stringent means to conceal their identity making them hard to catch.

On the other hand, China is notorious for counterfeiters and fraudulent production and pirating of products from Apple products to BlackBerrys to Samsung products. Below is a link to video to show how to determine a fake Beats by Dre headphone from a genuine one.


  1. Franklin,
    This article was very informative. I had no idea that this was even happening, and it could become a huge issue in America, as we purchase so many products from China. It was appalling that a $300 purchase could go for $5 as a knockoff brand. Thank you for sharing this information, especially with Ian's promo video up! Great job Franklin!

  2. Franklin,
    This is so shocking. Beats are so popular, especially with a lot of out peers, that this is something very good to know. I thought this was very interesting, especially since beats are so expensive and you are mainly paying for the name! Great job!