Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Law and Government Debate Recap

The Law and Government class at ASP hosted a “presidential debate” between the two candidates Hannah Crosby and Jake Malenka Monday evening in Memorial Hall.
The atmosphere was mellow, the two nominees nervous, the audience rapidly tweeting out questions to discuss with the hashtag #aspelect. 

Malenka and Crosby claim their spot on stage, and the debate begins...

The Law and Government intern, Sam Chapin, moderated the debate firing out questions regarding the candidates’ views on issues such as the economy, immigration reform, legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, and raising taxes. It took a while for the debate to gain momentum since both candidates reached a mutual consensus on the issues presented, until the environmental crisis was brought up.

"We need to have a place in the future to implement programs. We must save the environment by increasing and implementing some of the programs, but a healthy environment is needed. Solar, wind, hydroelectric energy are just a few examples. Environmental regulations will better the living conditions of every American,” said Crosby.

On the other hand, Malenka valued the issues of the economy and education more than the environment. “Right now there are issues more important than the environment, but we will not sacrifice the environment for the economy.”

The debate ensued and fired up. The audience retorted with sassy, snarky, and humorous tweets.

On the topic of healthcare, Malenka mentioned that he did not support the Affordable Care Act and the burden should not be on the middle class.

Bowman Dickson, the Simpson House supervisor fired back with,
“Jake, you're sick right? Try going to the doctor without insurance. #ASPelect
They all craved dissension amongst the candidates, it’s what made the debate active and alive.

Rachel Choi from the Japanese Language class tweeted, “Malenka is stereotyping by saying urban youth are the ones picking up the guns but it could be ANYONE who picks up the gun #aspelect,” on the issue of gun violence and school shootings.

Issues like raising the minimum wage and Obamacare brought disagreement to the two candidates. Crosby was an advocate for a healthcare system stating, “It is the government’s role to implement a health care system. There are too many people in the U.S. that need healthcare who can’t pay for it.”

As for minimum wage, Malenka wanted to keep the minimum wage at where it is today, so profits are not taken from businesses.

Both candidates had valid points, leaving the audience with some heavy thinking to do for Thursday. Cast your vote at fruit break, good luck to you both!

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