Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Opinion: Hannah Crosby for President

At the debate tonight the candidates agreed on most subjects but eventually the claws came out. 

When the debate began you could tell that Hannah Crosby was nervous. The words um and ah came up often in her responses.  After Jake Malenka said his response to the question about legalizing marijuana Crosby just agreed with everything that he said. Instead of doing that she should have voiced her opinion more by expanding on the points that Malenka said. There was a lot of agreeing from both sides but this would have allowed the audience to hear her view on the subject.

However, the debate turned around when the environment was brought up. When Crosby was making her response she got fired up and her voice came alive. You could tell that this was a subject that she really felt strongly about. The audience could tell that she was more confident and comfortable now. After this it seemed as though she was leading the debate.  

Crosby's serious manner might seem off-putting at first, but you should look past it to the strong leader at the core. It's clear that she's thought through her positions in a thorough and intelligent manner (unlike her sometimes confused opponent). The end of the debate proves that when the going gets tough, Crosby can step up and take charge, arguing forcefully for political positions that matter to her.

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