Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mama's Advice Column

There are a lot of things troubling young chilun’ now a days...that’s when Mama’s advice comes in. All stories and persons are under pen names to conceal their identities.

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Dear Mama,
My class ALWAYS gets out late! I guess it might be my fault, but I don’t eat breakfast and it leaves me hungry and tired. I want to beat the lunch do I do that?
Hungry Hungry Hippo

Dear Hungry Hungry Hippo,
You know what Mama always says, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. If you are tired in class though, I suggest chewing gum in class; most people tell me that they feel less hungry when they do.
As for the fastest route to lunch, go down the path to the Chapel, from the Lindsey Building. If you keep going, you’ll find another path that goes beside the library. If you go over the bridge and follow the path, it will lead you to the main entrance of the dining hall.  

Dear Mama,
I enjoy everything about this place, the friends I’ve made, and the food is pretty good...but I’m!!!!!
“Dorothy Gale”

Dear “Dorothy Gale”,
I know you’re not in “Kansas” anymore, but you’ll be home sooner than you think. Waking up and not realizing you’re in your own bed may be tough, but make the most out of your situation! I suggest spending more times with the friends you’ve made more and walk around campus to keep yourself busy and get out of your head.
I suggest to look at old photos taken before you got here and reminisce about all the good times you had. Or you could think about the ones you’ll have when you get home.
I think you should continually talk to your friends and parents at home to feel their presence with you.
Dear Mama,
I go to church at home and stuff, but chapel is getting ridiculous. Sometimes, I just want to sleep in and skip the service. Help me!!!
the Tired Angel

Dear Tired Angel,
Honey, I want to sleep in too, but chapel is a tradition that helped to found  this great school! If you are religious or not, it does feel a bit special when everyone is together, under one roof for a common purpose. You get live music, uplifting quotes/poems, and participate in one of the prettiest harmonies I ever did hear! When we sing the hymn, it always astounds the mind as to how beautiful we sound!
When you’re trying to stay awake in chapel, I have a few suggestions:
1) grab the thin book to fan yourself to keep your blood flowing  
2) look at the stained glass windows and try to read the words underneath them
3) count the number of master teachers and/or interns (for even more of a challenge, guess what they do as a major course)
P.S. Get some sleep and eat a good, solid breakfast so you’re not too tired.
Dear Mama,
I’ve been in a relationship for 2 1/2 years. I thought everything was going great,, until he left me hurt after breaking up with me unexpectedly...what should I do?
Broken Hearted Girl

Dear Broken Hearted Girl,
You had something that most people your age haven’t been able to experience, a long lasting seems many young chil’n don’t value their love life with someone else, to only break it off in 1 or 2 months. The pain within you must be speaking louder than my words, but I’ve been walking this earth long enough to realize that there is always better out there. Someone is out there for you to love, you just have to find them...even though all her marriages, Kim finally found Kanye.
As for what you should do, get out there and interact with people. Most people shut themselves out from a breakup, and want nothing to do with the people that hurt them. Staying weak means the ex has power over them, controlling their emotions causing them  to be in a vulnerable state. Do all the silly things you love to do, whether it be singing loudly and “dancing” around the house, or cuddling up to Netflix with a jar of Nutella watching “Orange is the New Black”.
Your happiness is more important than his misery, so don’t check on how he’s doing on social media...he is now your friend, if you agree to that, nothing more. You are definitely worth more than someone who drops something as important as you.

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  1. Mau! You continue to impress me with your creativity. This blog post is so indicative of your personality, and it draws the reader in. The fact that you're so open and down-to-earth just makes me want to read on. Love your shoutout to Orange is the New Black. I think that you identify your demographic SO well in this piece, because you address a lot of issues that teenagers (especially those at ASP) can relate to. Awesome job. I think my favorite part was your second recommendation for staying awake during chapel. Such a legitimate suggestion. You killed it!