Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Opinion: Jake Malenka for President

Jake Malenka, presidential candidate for this year’s ASP election had a strong showing during yesterday’s debate. With a focus on “practical issues and practical solutions”, Malenka addressed the concerns of many Americans.

While much of his stances relied on government spending reform in order to better fund education systems and fix immigration, Malenka garnered several rounds of loud applause, especially after his comments on foreign policies and the decriminalization of marijuana as a federal offense.

The two candidates may not have disagreed on much, but the one thing they did disagree about was renewable energy and how much of a concern it is for America. Malenka believes strongly in the cause for renewable energy, but also knows that there are “more important issues to fix first” such as the high school dropout rate and fixing the public school system.

As the debate closed, Malenka’s opinion on abortion and contraceptives seemed to resonate with the crowd.

“While I myself may be pro choice, those beliefs should not be allowed in the lawmaking process.”

This stance is something our generation takes very seriously, especially after the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision several weeks ago.

In summary, Malenka had strong opinions that were well represented and well spoken. He seemed much more comfortable a public speaker than his opponent and that was evident on stage yesterday. Even though he was “under the weather” he stood tall and strong and I believe the crowd stood behind him the whole time.

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